Mountains of books
Read, un read, partially read
Standing up like soldiers at attention
Waiting to topple over at a fingers touch

Stories, knowledge, ancient wisdom
Known, un known, partially known
Hidden in pages like gems deep in stones
Waiting to be discovered in a heart beat


Freedom Warrior

I often wonder why
I bring it upon myself
The constant pain and hurt
Invited in like an old friend
Always hidden, locked away

I openly accept it
Between the two
But inside it kills me
To realize a prisioner
I am once again

Not this time
I am not doing it
The secrets held inside
Will not be held within me
I will no longer be hidden

Accept me as I am
Don’t accept me at all
Hidden in the background
Is an empty prison
I left it, key and all

That prison is your world
It has nothing to do with mine
I refuse to be locked up inside
Freedom and truth are my friends
They always find the way

Together today we walked
Leaving behind that silly cage
Moving on to a new adventure
Purpose is the focus
Distraction is this game

Let me know when you are ready
Until then I will be
Doing, living and breathing
All that I am and will be
A freedom warrior


When you find forever
You never want to let go
Forever holds a peace
Born in love
No worry, no fear
Everything is always near

Forever is the friend
Being with is effortless
Best doesn’t describe
Your person fits
The only one
Searching is done

When you find forever
Don’t let forever go
Don’t let the moment
Slip and wander away
Grab hold, embrace
Love fully everyday

Forever is worth the walk
Those miles you may
Need to go
Forever is priceless
Precious, rare
Mostly unknown

Your forever is out there
Searching the worlds over
To find you, their forever
When two forevers meet
The worlds disappear
All that is left is the two…..

….. standing there

Totally Replaceable 

Took the memo
No open door policy
Militant style

I can serve you
In some way
Don’t exist at work
Clinical style

Olden days methods
Just workers
No purpose
Only a number
Don’t matter
Totally replaceable

YOU are unauthorized
Don’t matter
Because you aren’t a dollar
Just a resource to use up
Totally replaceable

Not Who We Believe

Life is filled with bumps
trip ups, trials and blunders
Somehow we make it
down the road

Our thoughts of who
we are formed in who
we really want to be
down the road

We cheat and stake claim
push shove lie and play
thinking we have arrived
down the road

Yet our voyage of a
lifetime experiences
has moved us only an inch
down the road